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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here’s to living your very best in 2010 & beyond!

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Hello peeps…we made it!!!!

Deuces! Hasta la vista! Shap! Shap! Ndiyoyo! Adios! …to this decade & to 2009!

So we elected our first Black President in the United States. President Barack Obama, who also won the Nobel Peace Prize. Michael Jackson died! Free & fair democratic elections took place in Ghana! Two GREAT men of faith also passed, Kenneth Hagin and Oral Roberts. South Africa elected its 3rd Black President, Jacob Zuma.

Whitney Houston came back? Tiger Woods became the first athletic to become a billionaire per Forbes but then infidelity scandal rocked his marriage! Liberia held its elections and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf became the country’s and Africa’s first female President! Oprah Winfrey gave away cars and then announced her retirement from talk show biz...

but still nothing spectacular because YOU are still to manifest YOUR dreams, YOUR goals…

Going, going, going into 2010!

Seize this decade & make it great for HUMANITY… Here’s wishing all our readers and your families God’s love & favor, good health, prosperity, joy, success & growth in 2010 & beyond! May you abound in His Blessings!

Continue to make JESUS Christ the central point of your life, time, relationships, family, marriage, money, career, education, recreation, decisions, choices….ERRYTHANG [smile]


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