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Allow me to introduce to you “THE SHO STOPPAH!” – DUNCAN DANIELS! HOT NEW MUSIC VIDEO with rap artist M.I.

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Guys & dolls,

Allow me to re-introduce to you….DUNCAN DANIELS! The Sho Stoppah!


So I first met Duncan in New York City at the Amebor launch party where he performed. BANANA’s! He definitely had the crowd rocking and the ladies…well [smile]!

Duncan is an American musician, producer, and song writer of Nigerian origin. He was born in the U.S., in Boston, Massachusetts to be exact. but was raised in Europe and Nigeria. He later moved back to the U.S. and attended the Berkley College of Music in Boston Massachusetts, earning a graduate degree in Music Production & Engineering.

He recently released the highly anticipated music video for his hit song “LIKE THIS” featuring super talented rap artist and 2009 MTV Best New Act & Best Hip Hop winner, M.I.

Peep the hot new vid below…

What I am loving about Duncan is that he brings to life a very diverse mix of Pop, Rock, and R&B. As an artist, he brings a unique style of musicianship into the industry to suit the modern urban radio era. In short, brother is sweet, musically!!

So we caught up with Duncan to chat about his new video…

FaraiToday.Com: Tell us how the concept for the video came about – it is hot by the way!

Duncan Daniels: Yeah, the song is definitely that “feel good” music! I wanted simple yet artistic, hot look & feel to the video to go with the song. So I thought of the things are showcased in a magazine and in a way I wanted to showcase myself as an artist to my audience, to my fans given that this is the first official music video I have put out…

FaraiToday.Com: Nice! So what was the set like and how did the M.I. collabo come about for the music video?

Duncan Daniels: The set was on point! It was shot in a studio in green screen. We had all the right people working with us, from the director to the make-up artists, ward-robe people to the models. The entire video crew, everyone knew what they were supposed to do and they made it do what it do, you know what I mean?

FaraiToday.Com: Yeah, definitely is reflected on your music video…very nice!

Duncan Daniels: Thanks! Also, since I produced the track and I wanted a rap artist that could represent Africa in the international scene the best. No other person came to mind except M.I, “Mr. Incredible” himself!  Chocolate City was wonderful in making it possible for M.I to record his part of the song and sent it to me via the internet. Thanks to modern technology too [laughs]…

FaraiToday.Com: Wow! So was the entire video shot and post-produced in Nigeria?

Duncan Daniels: Yes the entire video was shot in Lagos Nigeria. The visual and graphic editing was handled in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I handled the audio and the final picture color correction here in Boston, Massachusetts.

FaraiToday.Com: I have to say, I love the way you portrayed the African models in your video. Was it a conscious decision to keep them classy but in a sexy way? And not degrade women as most western music videos do, especially the hip hop videos?

Duncan Daniels: Most certainly it was! Glad that you picked up on that because just a few people have noticed that too. I had watched alot of music videos and in most cases, the Black lady models come on looking all artificial, lusty and almost nude…not the look I wanted for my music video. I wanted to take a different approach in how I portrayed the models. I wanted the ladies in my video to look sexy, natural and classy. My aim was to sell the African Natural Beauty to the audience and not sex. So I was involved in choosing the models and I also picked out the wardrobe, jewelry and other accessories. Oh, hair and make-up was handled by Linda Denis and her sisters. They are up-and-coming make-up artists in Lagos, Nigeria and I think, they did a magnificent job on the set too.

FaraiToday.Com: Awesome job man! Tell us a little about “Sho Stoppah” and what should music lovers and fans expect?

Duncan Daniels: Well this album is kind of an invitation for fans to get to know Duncan Daniels, the artist better. There will be lots of surprises, music wise and …I will keep the suspense on that…[wink]

FaraiToday.Com: [laughs]….in other words, GET SHO STOPPAH when it comes out people! Thanks for allowing us a sneak preview of it….LOVING IT! You pretty much have everyone covered on it…Ok, when does Sho Stoppa drop and where can people support and buy your CD?

Duncan Daniels: Sho Stoppah drops in Febuary 2010 and will be available world wide via iTunes and also in music stores in Africa, USA, UK and Canada.

FaraiToday.Com: New Year is coming up…what is some of your goals for 2010?

Duncan Daniels: Expanding Dunkishrock Productions which is my production company. I definitely wanna reap the fruits of my labor because I really went hard in 09! Fans should expect more music and videos.

FaraiToday.Com: 2010 is around the corner, any shout-outs to your fans out there?

Duncan Daniels: Thanks for all the support!! I wouldn’t be where I am without y’all. I will need all your support in the new year cause we have lots of stuff up coming up. Look out for the new website coming January 2010 and join the Duncan Daniels Fan Page on FaceBook. Thank you.

FaraiToday.Com: Thank you! Gracias! All the best in 2010! Sho Stoppah for real!

Pick up your copy of Duncan’s Sho Stoppah CD when it drops in Feb 2010! This is the album cover.

Hope you enjoyed our convo with the Sho Stoppah himself, Duncan Daniels…tell us what you think of his new video featuring M.I. “LIKE THIS“…leave your comments below!


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