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Every DIAMOND has a history, insist on certification, insist on the truth!

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For those of you thinking of purchasing diamonds as holiday gifts…

According to the African Diamond Council, Africa is the richest continent for diamond mining, accounting for roughly 49% of the world production. The major producing countries are the DRC – Democratic Republic of Congo [formerly Zaire], Botswana, South Africa, Angola, Namibia, Ghana, Central African Republic, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe.

The commercial below is a little gruesome but the point was made! It was created by Young & Rubicam, Inc. (Y&R) in South Africa for the African Diamond Council, an organization that seeks to reveal the truth about the diamonds that come from Africa.

Between Kanye West‘s hit song Diamonds from Sierra Leone and the blockbuster movie Blood Diamond, you guys already know about the challenges plaguing Africa and the diamond business.

The loss of life. Young African life in particular is what bothers me the most about conflict diamonds, blood diamonds. The future of Africa is dependent upon their lives… Young African lives are worth FAR, FAR much more than diamonds, platinum and gold…

Aluta continua!

Source/Photo: African Diamond Council

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  • Venicia

    Thinking about Sierra Leone, Lubumbashi (DRC) and many other African countries… I enjoyed reading this article and that last sentence of yours summarise it all.

    Sharp sharp !!!

  • Guest

    what about Angola?