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Swaggalicious Kevin wins Big Brother Africa Season 4 ‘Revolution’ & Bow Wow performs in Africa

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Nigeria’s 27-year-old Kevin Chuwang Pam is the US$200,000 winner of the Big Brother AfricaRevolution”. His first teary words after beating the 24 other participants were “I feel like Obama right now.”

The BA English graduate had said that if he won the Big Brother Revolution he would spend his money creating an entertainment empire and share some of it with his family and friends.

According to his profile on the Big Brother website, Kevin has a BA in English Language and has 7 siblings. He’s proud to be Nigerian because Nigerians stand out and survive any situation – “which is why you’ll find a Nigerian almost anywhere. ” A Manchester United fan whose hobbies include rapping, Kevin would like travel to Hollywood to see a movie in the making there.

Bow Weezy was in Africa too and he performed at the Big Brother Finale….

Bow Wow’s exclusive interview about his first time trip to Africa…

Well alright Bow Weezy!

He talks about his experience in Angola…ok someone in his camp shoulda told him that Angola has been in intense civil war from 1975 to 2002, hence some of the imagery he saw there and the tight security for him.

Not sure I would compare Luanda (Angola’s capital) or Angola itself to Johannesburg because Jo’burg is a mega-city that is well established. Also Angola is the fastest growing economy in Africa and one of the fastest in the world, so it is in the midst of major transformation….

Ok, the “mosquito” thing for me is overrated. Like how come when I go home, I do not notice them like that?

Kudos to Kev for the big win! Holla!

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  • Zee Mabuza

    Wow, Big Brother is still running in Africa!
    I wish I had watched it!:D


  • farai

    Hey Zee,

    It is girl [smile]! Check out some of the highlights on the post…

    Cheers doll!

  • Venicia

    Big Brother has been another great success this year and South Africa still proving its potential!

    This last edition was ayoba, although many viewers were expecting more of the shower time but Biggie cancelled it this time,loool! The house was very spacious, and was well decorated; the candidates really had a great time and that is tht most important thing. What I really enjoyed was the Malaria awareness day activities, those were one of my best moments, and I believe they had exposure to talk about that disease and for people to get aware that malaria kills more than HIV in Sub-saharian African countries. That was well well done!!!

    Last year, it was Rico from Angola who won and this year was Kevin from Nigeria!!! It shows that Africa is watching and they voted the right candidate for this year edition.

    All the best to Kevin and hope he will follow his dreams and achieve what he intends to do with the money at the end of the day.

  • farai

    Hey Venicia,

    Wow! Thanks girl for the feed-back on Big Brother Africa! Unfortunately we do not get to see overseas, so thanks for sharing with our readers the highlights and the improvement made on the show! Glad to know that it is resonating so well with viewers in Africa! I love that Big Brother Africa has house mates from different African countries – kinda unites us LOL!

    Again thanks girl! Your comment was AYOBA!