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Chris Brown responds to Rihanna – His ABC 20/20 interview with Robin Roberts

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R&B singer, Chris Brown responds to Rihanna‘s interview about his violent outburst.

According to ABC‘s Good Morning America, R&B singer Chris Brown apologized and said he is still hurting inside from the night he assaulted his former girlfriend, Rihanna, nearly 11 months ago.

I never ever had problems with anger. No, no domestic violence with any of my past girlfriends,” Chris said. “I never was that kind of person. … I look at it, and it’s really, like really difficult. It’s like, ‘How could I be that person?‘”

Chris speaks candidly about his relationship with ex-girlfriend Rihanna in an interview with ABC News’ Robin Roberts to air on “20/20” tomorrow, Friday, Dec. 4th at 10 p.m. ET.

Click on the image above to see clip of interview.

Source: ABC

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  • Victoria

    he still doesnt get it.

    i feel bad cause his ignorance and immaturity will continue to sabotage his efforts to recover from this personally and publically. and his PR people are obviously not giving him very good guidance.

    i just really hope he can figure it out fast, because although rihanna endured the physical abuse, they both are victims of that destructive mentality, which ripples out to the fans.

    i guess just pray for him.

  • farai

    Hi Victoria,

    I think any form of abuse is a two way street and it takes both parties some time for “it” to sink in and for them to understand the severity of the problem. Thank goodness both Rihnanna and Chris Brown are talking about it on a public platform to hopefully heal themselves but also to educate the public about domestic violence and abuse.

    Thanks for sharing and I do agree, prayer is paramount for them from us who are “looking in”…I hope you will be able to tune in tomorrow for the full interview with Chris Brown.