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Usain Bolt in Nairobi, Kenya to adopt!

So our Jamaican sprinter extraordinaire, Usain “lightning” Bolt was in Nairobi last week to launch the Zeitz Foundation, which will play an important role in environmental conservation in Kenya.

Usain Bolt 2a

The world and olympic sprint champion came face to face with a cheetah for the first time, when he adopted a baby cheetah for just over 1 million Shillings (US$13,700). At first Usain was reluctant to cradle the orphaned cheetah [aptly named Lightning Bolt] but  he soon got over the fear and even fed the 3-month old cub some milk.

According to our peeps Laura at Capital Lifestyle, Usain said he had no plans to race the cheetah, which is the fastest animal on earth, but he will instead be paying about 225,000 Shillings (US$3,000) for its annual upkeep.

“This is my first time in Africa, and of course in Kenya. I’ve had a lot of experiences, and a lot of animals have scared the crap out of me, but I am ok now,” he said.

Usain also jumped slightly when Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga, who accompanied him to the Nairobi Animal Orphanage, cuddled two lion cubs that he had just adopted – “Sifa” and “Agwambo” (one for his daughter).

Usain Bolt 1a

The adoption of the cub, which had been abandoned by its mother, was the culmination of Usain’s trip to Kenya, and he said he would most definitely be back! Who wouldn’t? Kenya is the business!

“I love the hospitality in Kenya,” uttered the 23-year-old, when he was given a certificate for his new ‘baby’. While the Prime Minister thanked Bolt and encouraged Kenyan athletes to follow suit, the Kenya Wildlife Service boss Julius Kipngetich said some of the adoption money would be used to protect the country’s endangered species.

Nice going Usain!

Photo / Source: Capital Lifestlye

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