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U.S Actor Edward Norton runs NYC Marathon tomorrow for Maasai Cause

So the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust is getting a little help from U.S actor Edward Norton…

Ed Norton & his peeps 6

Ed Norton & his NYC Marathon running mates in Kenya

Ed lending his celebrity to the organization’s mission of supporting “the preservation of biodiversity within the Maasai tribal lands of East Africa by promoting conservation, education and health services within the Maasai community”.

Ed Norton & his peeps 4

Ed & Martin in Kenya

Also joining in the “fight” with Ed Norton, are Samson Parashina, President of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, Martin Sunte and Parashi Ntanin, both Safari Guide’s at Campi ya Kanzi in Kuku Group Ranch, Kenya.

Ed Norton & his peeps 2

Samson Parashina, Martin Sunte, Parashi Ntanin in NYC shopping for running shoes!

I am a little unsettled about seeing the Maasai runners in their traditional gear! [They might be running the marathon tomorrow in their traditional outfits] Seriously? Ok I digress…

Ed Norton & his peeps 3

Ed Norton stretching with Parashi & Samson in Kenya

Ed Norton & his peeps

Ed Norton & the Maasai fellas out bowling…from Ed’s twitter page!

Ed Norton & his peeps 1

Samson, Martin, Parashi & Ed Norton

Says Ed “it is semi-miraculous that in a world where terrestrial bio-diversity has been wiped out in many places, including in the United States. That, that particular eco-system of those incredible creatures actually still exists is somewhat miraculous.”

The cause is a noble one…

“…it’s because people like the Maasai actually in resisting the draw for modern life, left their landscape largely intact for these animals to live in”

Love it! Best guys!

For more on this as well as on how you can lend a hand by donating, check out the Maasai Marathon!


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