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World Premiere! Africa’s leading sexy actress Omotola plays Mind Game!

I actually got a chance to hang out with Omotola, John Uche, Reginald Lubin, Van Vicker and crew on their movie set in the Washington D.C. area for the making of the suspense thriller, Mind Game! It was so much fun and very eye-opening for me to see how a Nollywood movie is produced!

Make up Scene 2a

Omotola getting her make-up done prior to filming a scene!

So typically Nollywood movies are shot in a very short space of time [5 – 7 days]….yeah I know [smile]! Very short! It also about the budget really. I mean two words…Tyle Perry!

Scene Photo 1a

Anyhow, alot of pre-production work and preparation takes places to enable a short execution time for the actual filming of the movie. So pre-production is lengthy & includes script revisions, locations scouted & booked, and actors come ready to work! It is so amazing to see the speed with which Nollywood actors & actresses memorize their lines. They are also heavily involved in the direction of the movie…So this is essentially how John Uche is able to shoot a full length feature in a short space of time! Can I say the Tyler Perry of Nollywood!

Director John Uchea

John Uche on movie location watching play-back of a Mind Game scene

John Uche is a Nigerian [Nollywood] movie producer & director based in the U.S. He is pretty prolific in terms of the number of movies he has directed and produced. What I love about John is that he is very hands on and is an “actors” director in that he is able to bring out the best in his actors…I manage to get some acting tips from him [smile]

Behind the Scen 3a

Omotola getting ward-robe help from Sam & John

So according to the movie synopsis, in this heart racing, conflict stricken, suspense cut drama, Betty (Omotola Jalade Ekeinde) gets entangled in her worst nightmare.  All hell breaks loose one afternoon when she unexpectedly returns home from work, only to find her husband Richard (Van Vicker) in a very compromising position with a friend of his in their study.  This incident takes place four months after their wedding, during which Richard deliberately avoids consummating their marriage…[you know “summin” is up when an African man avoids “contact” his wife, I hear! Just sayin’ though!]

Shocked beyond comprehension, Betty is torn between divorcing him or staying in the marriage…

Mind Game Trailer

Omotola 3a

Omo & Reginald on restaurant scene

Ghanaian actor Van Vicker is the lead actor in this movie. The movie premieres TONIGHT in Worcester, Massachusetts. John, Omotola & other cast members will be at the beautiful Mechanics Hall located on 321 Main Street, Worcester, MA for the screening of the movie. Show starts promptly at 8PM [seriously!]…

So Nollywood fans & aficionados this is a great alternative to the halloween madness! So to all my East coast peeps [especially in the MA area] please show your love & support!

Van vickera

Van Vicker

Also Haitian actor and medical doctor by profession, Reginald Lubin is lead supporting actor! He was so awesome to interview & so yummy to look at…

Reginald Lubin 2a

Dr. Reginald Lubin on set of Mind Game

I have come to know Omotola and she is a fab chic and really amazing! She has been with her pilot hubby for years and together they have 4 kids [can I look like that when I have my kids!]. Very professional, it is so inspiring to see Omo at work. Sister girl takes her work very seriously & but also understands her brand & what she brings to the set [others interpret that to be demanding but I think she is just a Naija chic who knows exactly what she wants!].

Omotola 4a

With Omotola on the set of her latest movie, Mind Game!

So be the first to check out Mind Game with Omotola, Van Vicker, Reginald Lubin TONIGHT!

Time: 8:00pm

Venue: Mechanics Hall, 321 Main Street, Worcester, MA 01608


Mind Game

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