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First Lady Michelle Obama does “The Jay Leno Show”

First Lady Michelle does the Jay Leno show!

First Lady Michelle Obama

Live via satellite, First Lady, Mrs. Obama looked absolutely amazing that Jay was like “sounds like I am flirting, but you have a beautiful smile!”…she looked fab & very poised…

My favorite First Lady Michelle responses to questions from Jay’s Top Ten Q/A

Question 2:  “Speaking of your children, who disciplines the kids more, you or the President?”

Question 4: “…after the President delivers a great speech, you both whisper to each other. What do you say to each other?”

Question 5: “What is on your IPod playlist?

Question 6: “Your husband just won the Nobel Peace Prize. Would he rather have world peace or the White Sox win the World Series?” [if you are a Sox fan, skip this part (smile)]

Question 7: “What is the most annoying habit the President has?”

Question 9: “What was the worst job you ever had?”

Nice to see that our First Lady is sensible about her ward-robe. Picture above was taken September 26th, 2008  in the Gertrude Castellow Ford Center at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi during the first of three presidential debates before the 2008 Presidential election. She wore the same dress [different accessory] on the Jay Leno show! Very nice!

Photo; Zimbio /Getty Images

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