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Akon to DJ on Toronto’s Virgin Radio & Steve Harvey gets emotional on TV

Canadian radio world welcomes singer, Akon this October 31st at 11:59 p.m as DJ.

Akon-Konvicted 1

Akon is set to be radio host for Virgin Radio 99.9 FM in Toronto, Canada. His show will air every Saturday and is titled Akon’s Hitlab. The radio show will feature music from Hitlab which is an online “community for artists to get discovered by Akon, sell their music, and interact with their fans”…Really? Interesting…Not an attorney but I do advise artists to protect their intellectual property, I’m just sayin’ [smile!]

The Program Director for Virgin Radio, Martin Tremblay, expressed the excitement of having Akon added to his radio station’s lineup which also includes Ryan Seacrest.

Talking about radio hosts, funnyman Steve Harvey, host of the nationally syndicated radio program the Steve Harvey Morning Show got very emotional recently on TBN with Donnie McClurkin…

Said Steve, “…it’s this fame thing that makes it hard because see, my life is under a microscope. I get sick of that sometimes. People don’t understand how that is man to have your life dissected by people who don’t know you. You know, the internet has become this place for evil to dwell. You understand? People who blog, whoever. No sense of reality…they just blog about you, don’t even know you. I got kids man, that read stuff that is not true about their father….”

You got to have some God.”…say it Steve! “You got to have a piece of you that holds you when all of it is bad. I give God all of the credit for my existence. For everything I have become…”

He breaks down when he talks about God’s Grace & Mercy

Check him out…

Heart Steve & his honesty…

Happy Sunday!

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