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2009 MTV Africa Music Awards with Zain UNPLUGGED!

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MTV Africa Awards4

Ugandan girl-band Blu*3 performing at the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards

Check out the madness that was the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards with Zain recently held in Nairobi, Kenya!

According to the Capital FM Lifestyle folks, the ghost of Kanye West did not stay out of the African version of the MTV Music Awards this past Saturday, and this time it was Akon who grabbed the mic and shoved it in his briefs! [uuummm, why?]

And even with that stunt, Akon still did not get any more love than when the show started [just so you know, Akon has stood Kenya up a couple of times and so some fans are still a bit bitter].

The two were clowning at the award show and how did it get started? Well for one, Wyclef challenged Akon to do 20 push-ups on stage. This then became flips on the stage, and then there was the shirt removing exercise before it degenerated into both mega -stars dropping down their pants [seriously, who does?].

While Wyclef kept his black briefs on, Akon went on to slip the microphone in his white briefs, and then quickly whipped it out. It didn’t look right. They have hot bodies though.

Apart from that and a few gaps of silence here and there, the event went on without any glitches.

Though Akon was slated to be the show stopper and had his name blared on all the pre-award press conferences, Wyclef carried the night with his amazing energy and unpredictable antics.

From driving a mini quad bike on the red carpet, to playing the guitar on his back and with his teeth, to ripping the bongo drums, to somersaulting into the crowd and belting out several tunes; Wyclef charged the audience to a frenzy.

Fun times in Kenya!

Source: Capital FM Lifestyle

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  • mabuza

    Man, it looks like it is GOING DOWN! in the motherland! Wish I was there! Damn!

  • farai

    Mabuza I definitely see you back on the continent making things happen. Soon, very soon!!