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Tyrese talks Dreaming BIG…

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The oh so sexy actor and singer Tyrese has teamed up with Quincy Jones and social commentator Jeff Johnson to support Operation Hope’s ‘Five Million Kids’ (5MK) initiative to bring attention to the value of learning.

“Statistics show that one child in America is dropping out of school every 26 seconds.   HOPE believes the drop out epidemic is ultimately a huge drag on the American economy.   It is critically important that we change the cultural tide and Make Smart Cool and Sexy,” John Bryant 5MK Hope Founder, chairman and CEO said in a statement.

“At the core of the 5MK is a national campaign to re-brand education in the minds and hearts of young people. The 5MK initiative will teach five million kids, their parents and teachers how to get rich legally through financial literacy, the language of money, free enterprise capitalism, and ownership.”

Among its initiatives, which include uplifting outreach programs and curriculum designed to educate and empower, is a goal to increase the amount of role models in urban communities.

Check out Tyrese as he speaks on the importance of dreaming big…

In 5 years 5MK expects to reach, teach and touch 5 million students, their parents and teachers about how to get rich legally through financial literacy; the language of money, free enterprise capitalism, and the dignity of ownership.

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