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Fun fall styles & trends to satisfy your inner diva!

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Fall’s Fashion Fashion Trends 2009

Ahhhh, ’tis the season to be jolly as fall begins, leaves start to change, and fashion begins to morph.  Fall always has the best style, colour, and fabric than any other season in fashion. Now we know we ALL want to look ultimately fabulous; well, we can assist you ladies.

According to Jane Keltner from Teen Vogue, here are a few key trends that teen and maybe some modern fashionistas & stylistas should be aware of:

  • I know some of you modern women have something from the ‘80s in the back of closets.  The ‘80s are back, from neon brights, playful patterns, high waists, zipper detailing including the major fashion statement of the rock-n-roll/hip-hop era, the shoulder pads…yes, the dreadful shoulder pads.


    • Scarves! Scarves! Scarves! But most importantly, the “statement” scarves.  Yes its nice to have a plain scarf to go with your outfit, but once in a while, mix it up with a bright coloured or patterned scarf to make your outfit look fabulous!


    • I love jewellry and its one of the final pieces that can make or “plain Jane” your outfit, sometimes. But it is ESSENTIAL to have a piece of jewelry that is “rebellious” or something out of the ordinary for you.  Like a ring with spikes on it or a sparkling snake bracelet to have a statement or rebellious fashion look.  Like designer Anna Sheffield, who has caught the attention of fashion designers such as Marc Jacobs and Phillip Lim. They recruited her jewelry designs for their runway shows.  She is now available at Target for us fashionistas to buy and rock it!


    • Of course, jeans will always be an essential and trend to follow! Yet, what kind you ask?  Skinny jeans, the really skinny ones that basically are your second skin.


    • Yes skinny jeans are in, but there is a new trend for distressed or ripped jeans. Be your own rock star!  But instead of buying distressed jeans, why not recycle the ones that you currently own, and distress them yourself! Mad at the boyfriend, or the boss????…re-direct your frustrations & have at it with those jeans!!!


    • The late, great Michael Jackson was the first person who started and popularized this trend.  It is the military jacket. The military jacket is marvelous when paired with a leather jacket or one of the relaxed fit pants that is so popular.  Ranging from reds to grays, this jacket has been seen everywhere from Beyonce to Victoria Beckham to Rihanna to Blake Lively.  Now go do your moonwalk with your military jacket!


    According to Glamour, here are some more trends to be keeping your eyes out open for as well:

    • Mini-skirts are in to show your legs off and to give shape to your body.


    • Another a “rebellious” gem/necklace, but let it be big (the bigger the better)!! Let it be statement, but look chic.  Make sure your outfit is calm, easy and simple…not crazy.  Just keep it simple.


    • The boyfriend jacket is everywhere! Wear it with skinny jeans, a mini-skirt, a flowy skirt, a dress…practically anything that is in your closet!  Just remember, look FABULOUS.
    • cm-boyfriend-jacket

    So ladies and teens out there, you can look good this fall.  And remember, fashion is what makes a person unique…so be yourself!


    Shaunna – who has written posts on Farai Today.

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    • Zee Mabuza

      This is awesome! Thanks!
      I only have like 4 of the things mentioned
      I seriously need to do shopping 😛

    • farai

      Hi Zee,

      Glad the post was helpful…:-)

      Doll, take your time in building up your ward-robe & have fun while you are at! Most importantly love, love your clothes because the way you rock them, becomes your personal brand…