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Jessica Simpson’s upcoming reality show “The Price of Beauty” filming in Uganda!

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Jessica Simpson is currently in Uganda for filming of her upcoming VH1 reality show, The Price of Beauty

Jessica Simpson

We were intrigued at yesterday’s tweet by Jessica Simpson, “WTF?!? Do I really have to sleep like this?”…this after posting the above pic of herself surrounded by fly nets.

Seriously? If you are anywhere in the world & in the wilderness, you “really have to sleep like this!”…Also you might actually have to because of mosquitoes which may pass on Malaria…& you really wouldn’t want that!

Jessica Simpson1

Pals Ken Paves [hairstylist to the celebs] and Cacee Cobb [Jess’s former personal assistant & BFF] join Jess as she films a new reality show. The Price of Beauty follows Jessica around the world as she investigates what different cultures find beautiful…next stop is Mumbai, India!

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  • Coily Hair

    Yeah, I guess the nets were a reality check for her. I hope she’ll put it in her show so others who are unaware of that kind of life understand how others have to sleep at night.