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Hosea Chanchez: Watch Me Win

Hosea Chanchez from CW’s hit show “The Game” has founded a new organization called Watch Me Win.   It is a non profit organization that empowers youth to win in life by overcoming life’s circumstances; and is dedicated to help the youth of America dare to dream and realize that they can achieve anything.

 “My new labor of love has been born.  My purpose, My passion, My evolution as a man depends on this.  It empowers youth to be the winners they are born to be.”

“In a world where right is wrong, and wrong is right, where bad trumps good and beauty trumps talent, my fear is fear, so I choose not to; my strength is God so I come equipped; my faith is my armor so I wear it daily.  My Choices.  My life.”  “Changing the lives of youth one day and one child at a time.” – Hosea Chanchez

This is a great cause!  Check out the website at  Toddles!


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  • Te

    This a great! I would love to see this organization in Detroit.

    I was just watching The Game Labor Day and from his character you would never guess his true personality. He look GUD 2! He gone find him a good wife! lol

  • tiggyy

    I am a fan of Hosea chanchez

  • Whitetracye

    loving you loving life

  • mIKE d Wms.

    I support,believe,and Respect all that you say and carry your belief as well as mine,s and Warren Ballentime to the Mass.

  • Karissacurry

    I just want to say to hosea that what you are doing is GREAT because there are a lot of celebrities using their celebrity for all of the wrong reasons and what you are doing to help young boys is awesome because a lot of boys in the world are lost and this program can really help uplift and empower these children.good job hosea and god bless you.