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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Teyona Anderson winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12

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Our first celeb scoop! An exclusive interview with the winner of cycle 12 of America’s Next Top Model, Teyona Anderson. She is currently in the Cape Town, South Africa for the 2009 Cape Town Fashion Week.

We caught up with Teyona in Cape Town after the Gavin Rajah Collection showing! Join in our convo…

Doreen Southwood  Congratulations Teyona on your win on America’s Next Top Model! And now you are in the beautiful beach city of Cape Town in South Africa…so, what has life been like since your big win?

Teyona: Hi, and thank you so much! Oh my God, my life has been so busy since winning Next Top Model. I am on the road a lot! I travel to NYC, LA, Hawaii and now I am in South Africa. It is quite hectic with castings, shoots…
Misfit This is your first trip to Africa and you are part of a big fashion show in one of the best beach cities in the world. Are you having to pinch yourself?

Teyona: Now it has finally set in that I am in Africa! It was so surreal at first but now it is like so real for me! It is like the best feeling to be here. It is cold though [FYI, our summer here in the USA is winter in South Africa] but I am loving it! What was most surprising for you about Africa since you jetted into South Africa?

Teyona: Amazing! It is a totally different lifestyle and I mean that in a good way. I mean I tell my friends back home [in the USA] that everything that we see on TV about Africa is not all true. I have not seen any kids with big bellies & flies all over them since I have been here. I think we have a wrong image of Africa and Africans. Africans are just like everyday people, they are normal people, living normal lives! I think that it is important for us in the U.S to do a little more research or even travel to Africa to experience and see for ourselves.

Tart Fashion like music is a universal thing…so far what is your take on the collections that are showing there?

Teyona: Oh my God, very hot and amazing dresses! Lots of colors! Bold prints, long flowing dresses…very summery looks! Very nice! What has your experience been like with the other African models?

Teyona: [laughs] we are like one big family! They are so friendly, nice and polite! We joke a lot and I am now close to some of the girls. I have to be honest and say that the models out here in Africa are friendlier that the models in New York City!

Tart Who are the designers that you will be modeling for at the Arise Cape Town Fashion Week?

Teyona: I have walked for Sway, Misfit, Tart, Michelle Ludek, Gavin Rajah, Craig Port & Doreen Southland collections So as a model, you get to wear the clothes on the runway, hang out backstage…what are the themes for SPRING/SUMMER 2010? What are the dominant colors, textiles etc that you are seeing across the designers?

Teyona: Yes, like I mentioned earlier on, lots of colors, like this is going to be a summer of oranges, hot pinks, yellows. Bright colors! Flowing dresses and gowns for evening wear. Bold prints too!

Craig Port Any favorite designers?

Teyona: Wow! I love Tart, Craig Port & Gavin Rajah’s collections. I was definitely feeling them. How different is it for you to walk the runways in Africa vs in the USA? What have you learnt or experienced that you will take back with you?

Teyona: Even though they are a season or two behind the US, I really love the fashion here! [mmmhhhh, excuse me I thought America lagged us & Europe. I may be wrong].

I found out that the level of professionalism here is very high and people are on time here. So I had to step up my game and put a little more time and effort in all that I do. So I arrive on time, spend extra time in hair and make up, just so that I can maintain a high level because they are on it here. So that is something hopefully I will take and keep up with when I return to the U.S.

Misfit America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13 is premiering in a few weeks time and this time the big difference is the contestants have to be 5’7″ or less…who stands out to you so far and what impact will the height change make on show itself (more drama etc)?

Teyona: I have not had a chance to see the girls on the new cycle but truthfully in the real world of modeling and fashion, the average height is 5’8” so at 5’7” or less, they will have hard time breaking in! What is the first word that comes to mind to you when I say TYRA BANKS

Teyona: Oh wow! Tyra is real cool. We did not really interact with her much on the show but she is super cool. It was a great experience being on ANTM. I have more opportunities coming my way, lots of doors are opening and I have a contract with Cover Girl! [Yayee!] Congrats! Thanks lovely for hanging out with us at! Much success!

Teyona: No problem! Thanks!

Ok guys & dolls, so that was our first celeb scoop with the lovely Teyona Anderson as she does her thing in Cape Town. She will be in South Africa through September doing editorial work etc. Next stop for her after the 2009 Cape Town Arise Africa Fashion Week is Johannesburg to do editorial with Destiny Magazine!

Much success doll!

Photo: Simon Deiner

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