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My American Nurse 2 – A Nollywood comedy starring Michael Blackson, Hakeem Kae-Hazim, & Scrubs’ Aloma Wright!

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This is the first Nollywood movie to be featured on!

Written & directed by Pascal Atuma, “My American Nurse 2” is a comedy about Shehu, a Nigerian cab driver living in the U.S, who has less than stellar luck with women. So unlucky in love, he picked up a ‘woman’ who wasn’t one at all! Ooops! Out of pure frustration, Shehu vows to never touch another woman in the U.S again (mmmhhh, ok!). He decides instead to travel home to Nigeria to find a wife, specifically a nurse and…the rest is pure comedy!!!

Michael Blackson2Michael Blackson, “The African King of Comedy” in Las Vegas!

Starring the “African King of Comedy” & funny man, Michael Blackson, sexy & talented actor from 24, X-Men, Hakeem Kae Kazim and beautiful actress Aloma Wright (known best for her portrayal of Laverne Roberts on the U.S comedy drama, Scrubs)…& more!

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