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Jamie Foxx’s Digital Girl remix featuring Drake, Kanye West, & The-Dream

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So I decided to feature Jamie’s new music just because [smile].

Also who can ever forget Kanye West’s lyrics, “Good Morning! This ain’t Vietnam still. People lose hands, legs, arms for real. Little was known of Sierra Leone, and how it connect to the diamonds we own…” to his 2005 ‘Diamonds from Sierra Leone” mega hit song (I know I took you way back with that one). The thing is, I still tear up whenever I read the lyrics to the song…

‘Ye put his heart into this because he actually researched on the plight of children in West Africa (particularly Sierra Leone) who are forced to mine diamonds in war zones but are either maimed or killed in the civil wars that are financed by the very same diamonds they mined….

Access granted to the making of Digital Girl music video…

And now the Digital Girl remix video…

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