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Oprah’s First Ever Power List & Zambian born Harvard-&-Oxford educated economist, Dambisa Moyo is on it!

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Dambisa Moyo with O Logo

Her recent facebook fan page status read; “I’m featured in this month’s O, The Oprah Magazine”

“Who would ever suggest that aid to Africa might be a bad thing? Dambisa Moyo would. Born and raised in Zambia, the 40-year-old Harvard- and Oxford-educated economist has gotten the world’s attention with her stark message: Systemic aid to Africa (aid from institutions such as governments or the World Bank) breeds corruption and dependence—and must stop.” O Magazine, September 2009

Dambisa rocks! We just love her unwavering stand on this issue pertaining aid to Africa. She expounds on this topic in her best-selling book, Dead Aid. Please, go buy a copy, borrow from the library or something because it is a definitely a MUST READ BOOK!

Also love, love the fact that Dambisa does not just stop at criticizing aid to Africa but also suggests innovative ways for Africa to finance its own development including trade with China, accessing the capital markets, and microfinance as alternative options.

Fun facts about our fabolous Dambisa include in May of this year, TIME Magazine [you know, that really important magazine] named her one of the world’s 100 most influential people! Also this year, the World Economic Forum [you know, that really important organization] honored her as one of its Young Global Leaders!

So far, 2009 has been a fab year for Ms. Moyo. Rock on!

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