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South African Director, Neill Blomkamp’s new movie DISTRICT 9 released!

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I have not had a chance to watch District 9 but already most of my African friends, particularly Nigerian friends are not too happy with it.  Did not watch it and not going to spoil the movie for ya since it was released overseas last week Thursday and Friday in North America.

I will say that the movie is a 2009 science fiction film directed by Neill Blomkamp. The movie takes place in one of my favorite cities in the world, Johannesburg, South Africa & is based on “Alive in Jo’burg”, a short film also directed by Neill.

Neill is a South African born director who is now based in Vancouver, Canada.


So if you have watched District 9, drop us your thoughts on the movie. Would love to hear…toodles!

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  • Graig

    His movie is pretty good, very well rated and you can view it for yourself

  • Coily Hair

    I won’t be checking this one out.

  • Laura

    I saw it last night. Very strange, but very well done. I think he should be commended and imitated. The only thing that irritated me though is the Nigerian guy speaking in Swahili. Neil should know that all African languages do NOT sound the same…

  • Liz

    Am going to watch it this weekend,so will fill you in.

  • farai

    Thanks guys for your feedback! Liz let me know how it goes for you! Laura, I totally get you on the languages bit! Thanks Graig for the info, glad you liked the movie. Will check out the link too.

    I have not watched it [but then again my list of movies to watch is long LOL]. I spoke with my friend Hakim Kae-Kazim Nigerian actor [whose wife is South African] and I thought his feedback on the movie was balanced! He said sure Neill Blomkamp is a great director and the movie allows for employment of African actors. However the negative portrayal of Nigerians in the movie was discouraging. So I know Neill lost a fan in Miss Coily Hair!

  • Zee Mabuza

    I watched this movie not too long ago, I loved it. The character of Wikus van de Merwe was simply on point, it took me back home, lol.

    I must admit, it did seem like it was taking a stab at Zimbabweans at the beginning when the people where being interviewed, lol. As for the Nigerian potrayal, well…no comment.

    Apparently there will be a follow up, I am so looking forward to that.

  • farai

    Hi Zee,

    Thanks for your feedback on the movie! I did hear about the making of a “District 10” movie as follow up on the success of this one!

    Hopefully Neill will be a bit more compassionate in his portrayal of any one group of Africans especially since he is one of our own!


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