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Ben Affleck talks AFRICA…tribute post for his birthday today!

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Happy birthday to Oscar-winning screenwriter Ben Affleck! Today Ben turns 37! Still looks hot!

So you guys know that I am on air for BlackTree TV out in LA, my home away from home! Well, Jamaal, CEO of BlackTree TV sat down with Oscar-winning screenwriter Ben Affleck for his State of Play movie that came out this year. What rocks about Jamaal’s interviews is that they are always out the box!

Ben shares his passion for Africa and boy is he passionate! I totally love him for this. He talks about “Gimme Shelter”, a four-minute documentary about aid in the Democratic Republic of Congo or DRC.  Ben said he made the short “in order to focus positive attention on the humanitarian crisis in Congo at a time when too much of the world is indifferent or looking the other way.” He makes some good points too…check out the vid guys. Dude has traveled to 13 African countries. Nice Ben!

Quick update: Ben will be keeping busy as he is set to star in his next directorial project, a romantic crime thriller “The Town” according to Entertainment Weekly. Shooting is scheduled to begin in September.

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