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She’s Pretty For A Dark Skinned Girl….

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Alek Tameka

She’s Pretty For A Dark Skinned Girl….

So someone inboxed me this article by Usher’s estranged wife, Tameka Foster Raymond for Huffington Post. Check out full article at

She raises alot of truths about race dynamics within the Black community in the USA and her personal struggles as a dark skinned woman.

Of course I would like to shift the discourse to Africa, particularly Africans in the diaspora and explore our experiences…What is the role of race in Africa, amongst Africans, how do we define race? etc…

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  • Suzgo

    I must say that this topic of light vs Dark just fascinates me. I was watching Tyra a while back and these Gorgeous chocolate women had bleached their skin , and not to mention one even bleached her kids. Talk about assassination of character and self worth.

    I am a dark skinned chocolate woman, who was born in Zambia , grew up in Zimbabwe and now resides in South Africa. The women here are light skinned tiny waisted and big hipped. I have no hips , but am big busted and dark as chocolate and i have never been made to feel any less of a person.

    All i am saying is yes i acknowledge that still waters run deep and society is messed up. But you as an individual have to change YOUR mind set. I always ask people who show any kind of prejudice the following question.

    If you were involved in an accident and needed a blood transfusion, are you going to worry from what TYPE of a person it came from or do you just want the life that blood bring?

    People that died who went before us , died so that we as the next generation may have benefits and opportunities they never had. Not that we must now sub divide each other into categories, when they were all fighting for freedom for ALL.

    Each one of you people out there be it , dark skinned , fair, different races and all each bring something so UNIQUE that is why only YOU have the finger print that you have, because you are RARE.

    I personally don’t worry about what peoples perception of me are, cause i happen to LOVE who i am and understand that God never makes mistakes and if you have a problem with my shape, colour whatever you can FIND its on you not me. If you are shallow and add no value to my life and cant build me, then deal with your own issues .

    As i deal with being alive and fulfilling my destiny. People are dying, abused and hurting out there, without worrying about colour.

    You are all beautiful and fabulous and all our colours combined create diverse and wonderful new colours.

    Stay blessed